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Pumps: Effluent, Storm Water, Sewage, and Sludge Pumps

Submersible 2" through 24" discharge
Shaft type 2" through 6" discharge
Dry pit
Chopper pumps
Grinder pumps
Residential grinder pump systems

Fiberglass and concrete packaged lift stations
Stainless steel and cast iron construction
Capacities from 10 GPM to 28,000 GPM
Horse powers .4 to 600
Control panels
Check and gate valves mercury and non-mercury float switches, pressure transducers, ultra sonic, etc.
Fiberglass, concrete, and cast iron sump pits

Manufacturers: Weil Pump Company, Homa Pump Technology, Ebara Pumps


Water Heaters

Copper fin/ boiler type units

170 MBH - 3,000 MBH
Vertical atmospheric 180 MBH - 725 MBH
Electric water heaters 3 kW - 54 kW
Cement lined storage tanks
Steam and boiler water units

All control configurations available


Manufacturers: Reco USA

Pressure Vessels

Hot water storage heaters
Hydropneumatic tanks
Bladder Tanks
Air receivers
Condensate receivers
Boiler blow off tanks
Shell and tube heat exchangers

A variety of linings are available for the above tanks and water heaters including: glass, arc sprayed copper, cement, and epoxy.

Manufacturers: Reco USA

Non Pressure / Bulk Storage Tanks

Fuel oil above and below ground
Solvent tanks
Dike tanks
Manual and automatic grease interceptors

Manufacturers: Highland Tank Manufacturing Co.

Domestic Water Booster Systems

Variable speed pumping packages using only the finest materials of construction featuring all stainless steel construction.  Long live your booster system!

Pumps: end suction, multi stage, vertical turbine, horizontal split case inline, and submersible.
Control panels with single point electrical for easy installation
All systems factory tested to design point

Manufacturers: DeltaPCarver

Specialty Valves

Altitude valves
Pressure reducing valves
Suction control valves
Flow control and restricting valves

Manufacturers: Bermad, Watts



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